A Message From Adrian A. Harris
Submitted by: Tonya Hinch
Sep 6th, 2012

Adrian A. Harris speaks out about his Faith in Jesus Christ and what we must do in America to restore this great Nation.

By Adrian Harris, December 2009

The world we live in today is unlike any in the history of the world. However, there are many examples of repeating history.

With all of our technology for easy living, fast access to information, and the speed in which we travel across the world, we are so ignorant of the most important item right in front of us. That is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

What is wrong with the world today? What is wrong with the United States today? Why are we allowing the Islamic belief to become acceptable, or in today's term "Political Correctness". Our nation has turned away from God.

The ACLU, by winning court cases can tear down our Christian Symbols we have in public buildings and on public grounds. Christmas, which is a federal holiday, is now being looked at as a holiday for "all" religions.

We celebrate Christmas as the day Christ was born. This day has nothing to do with Moslems, Buddhists, or Hinduism.

The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah on December 22nd and we Christians have never had a problem with this. The Jewish people have never had a problem with Christians celebrating Christmas on December 25th. Our nation was founded on a Judeo-Christian belief . As long as a nation reveres God, it will prosper. When it ceases to look to God, it will fall.

Most of our leaders and even the president of the United States will not humble themselves before God. In the history of our nation, what other president acted like this.

A large portion of our citizens today will mock our Judeo-Christian faith, try to tear down its symbols and at the same, fight for and support hand washing bowls to be placed in our public buildings so people of the Islamic faith can prepare for their daily prayers. This they say is for "Political Correctness".

As the Bible tells us, in the "Last Days" those who do not have faith in God will be blinded to the truth. The truth is, our God, the God of Abraham, Father of Jesus Christ, and Ruler of the Universe is a kind, just, and loving God. The god of the Islamic faith, "Allah" was a moon goddess in the old Arabic religion. They try to say it is the same as our God.

Please understand, it is not. Allah is not a kind, just, and loving god, but a god of death, torture, and control. People of the Islamic faith hate Jews and Christians. They want to see us all dead. It has been that way since their religion began around 650 AD.

We must remember that the Jews are God's chosen people which goes back over 5,000 years ago. He has told us that he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who are against Israel or his people. Some Christians think we are God's chosen people because as followers of Christ, we replaced the Jews. This is not so. Remember, Christ was a Jew.

God has a plan for the Christians as well as the Jews. It is very important to remember, we must stand beside our Jewish brothers and sisters and fight against any and all persecution against them.

We must also pray for Christians and Jews all over the world who are today being persecuted for their belief in God. Too many people of the United States are beginning to accept what is known as "New Age" beliefs. This is a combination of several religious beliefs to match what they want to believe.

This is extremely dangerous to our people and nation. As in past history, read Kings I and Kings II. What happened to Israel and the Jewish people when they turned away from God? Look further into time at the latter days of the Roman Empire.

The corruption was so bad in Rome that the crown was being auctioned off by the Roman Guard. Look at the corruption we have going on in our political world today. Is it that much different than what happened in the last days of Rome?

As Christians, what can we do?

We can pray. We must constantly ask God to help our nation and our people turn away from sin and turn back to him. We must ask him for forgiveness of our people and our nation. We must ask to lead those who have gone astray back to the word and to give our people the ability to see the truth and knowledge of what is right in God's sight.

We can testify. We must talk to our family, especially our children, our neighbors and friends, and co-workers. We must tell them about the great love of Jesus Christ and God the Father. To encourage people to attend and take part in their church.

We can write or call our leaders and express our feelings about laws they are about to pass that is contradictory to God's word.

Our country and the world today is in a terrible situation. No human can devise a plan, no law can be passed to correct the multi-problems we have.

We need for everyone to pray, pray that God will turn our nation and our wayward people around so we will always be "One Nation Under God". Only God can fix this monumental problem.

Adrian A. Harris

December, 2009